The modular metal roofing sheet has the advantage that it cannot be used in every case. With simple pitched roofs without any facades, a much more economical solution will be cut to size. With a modular roofing sheet, we lose more sheet metal on every Galla roof tile panel – every second “tile” module over the sheet width (7 cm every two modules), because Galla roof sheet is nothing but Monza Exl cut to size with the difference that Galla is a two-module sheet, and the Monza Exl is cut to the size of the roof without unnecessary bets over the width of the sheet.

Galla modular roofing sheet finds its application in the case of roofs with a complicated roof truss structure (envelope roof with additional dormer windows and dormers). With a multi-layered roof, where the floor can be, for example, a triangle with a dormer in the middle, using a sheet of metal cut to size, we will lose – cutting the sheet to the desired appearance – large slant of the sheet. When Galla modular roofing sheet is used, this waste is completely minimized by the possibility of shifting the sheet to the side relative to the previous one, eliminating the excess of waste to a minimum. We gain a measurable amount of sheet metal, which translates into the overall cost of the roof. On complex roofs, Galla modular roofing sheet is also much easier to install. In addition, advantages of the Galla modular roofing sheet are undoubtedly small dimensions. Thanks to this, transport around the world is very simple, which also affects the final price of the roofing.

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