The sheet coated with alu-zinc coating (Aluzinc alloy) popularly known as Alu-zinc (Aluzinc / Alu-zinc) enjoys increasing popularity in Poland. This alloy has the following proportions: aluminium – 55.0% zinc – 43.4% siliconm – 1.6%.

Trapezoidal sheet Alu-zinc (T-7, T-14, T-18, T-35) is a steel sheet, covered with aluminium and zinc alloy with a small addition of silicon. Aluminiumprotects the steel substrate, separating its surface from the atmosphere. This barrier is very stable because the aluminium oxide coating that forms on the surface is insoluble in most environments, providing long-lasting corrosion resistance. Zinc provides the same protection as for galvanized steel where the steel substrate is exposed. In practice, instead of steel, zinc is corroded, which is known as cathodic protection. The combined effect of protective mechanisms of aluminium and zinc gives these sheets better properties than in the case of steel sheets, protected only by zinc or only aluminium. This type of sheet also has a thin organic coating called easy film, which enhances the aesthetics and temporarily strengthens the material protection during transport and storage.

Aluzinc, as a material, is used not only in construction – for the production of wall and roof coverings (roofs of hen houses, barns, production halls, utility rooms), but also for the production of household appliances and ventilation. It owes its popularity to high corrosion resistance. This sheet is the most resistant to weather conditions (nitrogen, acidic environments and UV radiation) Alu-zinc sheet in normal environment exceeds the life of sheet coated with organic coatings of polyester type.

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