The roof chimneys are, generally speaking, ventilation functions and are mounted on the roof slope together with other roofing elements. Moisture at home is something natural. For this reason, it is important to properly install a ventilation system that will allow you to get rid of excess water vapour, in order to avoid its condensation and deposition on the walls inside the building.

The roof chimney and its geometry should ensure uninterrupted ventilation and allow condensate drainage to cover the roof. A very important issue is also the functioning of the ventilation chimney in winter, which unfortunately is sometimes treated as snow protection and under high pressure of snow mass can be permanently damaged. Meanwhile, in order to avoid uncontrolled landslides, appropriate snow protection devices should be installed.

Glinmet company has in its offer ventilation chimneys for flat coverings and for all metal roofing sheets manufactured by our company. Chimneys, on customer’s request are available in two options: insulated chimney and uninsulated chimney. In addition, we can choose not only the colour (Ral 8017, Ral 9005, Ral 7024, Ral 3009, Ral 6020, Ral 8004, Ral 8019, Ral 7016) but also two diameters: 110 mm and 150 mm.

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