Cutting roofing sheet

Cutting sheet metal sheets and metal roofing sheet should be done with the use of appropriate equipment: hand shears or vibrating shears (nibblers). Such tools do not give off high temperatures during cutting. The use of tools that cause a thermal effect – a sudden increase in temperature (e.g. an angle grinder), changes the sheet structure and melts the zinc protective layer 3-4 mm wide from the cutting line. This prevents self-healing of this layer and results in the rusting of the sheet at the cutting point.

Post-assembly maintenance

Possible mechanical damage of the varnish coating of the roofing (scratches), which occurred during assembly, after degreasing must be strictly protected by the roofing company with touch-up varnish, which is available in Glinmet.


Roof sheeting and derived products should be stored in dry, shaded and ventilated rooms to prevent condensation on the sheets (condensation). Roof sheet stored for more than 2 weeks should be laid in a piece of cladding and each sheet should be separated from each other with, for example, Styrofoam to ensure free air flow. Following the above recommendations, we prevent the occurrence of white corrosion spots on galvanized sheets and damage to the polyester coating on coated sheets.

Transport and moving sheet roofing sheet

The transport should be carried out on cars or logs adapted to transport long sheets of roof tiles. The sheets should be secured with transport belts, and there should be a fabric between the belt and the sheet to prevent the lacquer from wiping. We should be particularly careful when manually unloading so as not to move the sheets one by one. This may damage the paint finish. Manual transport should take place in the vertical position of the sheet to avoid plate roofing and should be supported by persons carrying about 2 meters each.

Way of moving around the roof slope

If it is necessary, during installation of the roofing sheet, special attention should be paid to the correct positioning of the foot, walking on the sheets of sheet metal. Use shoes with a soft soles. During assembly it is recommended to place the foot in the bottom of the sheet, in the place where the patch is installed, so as not to damage the sheets.

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