T-18 1
T-18 2

Trapezoidal sheet T-18

Why is it worth choosing?

Nice transfusion was combined with good stiffness, up to 9 18 mm embossments.

Our sheet has a gutter that carries out particles of water, it is very important when we put the sheet on one wave, we use the maximum sheet metal cover.

Technical parameters

Material: Steel DX + Z galvanized on both sides (Z225) + protective coatings + decorative varnish.
Number of colours: RAL 3005, 3011, 8017, 7024, 8019, 9005, 9006. Available in 10 different shades in gloss and RAL palette (below is a palette of RAL shades)
Overall width [mm]: 1120 mm
Cover width [mm]: 1070 mm
Maximum sheet length [mm]: 9500 mm
Sheet thickness [mm]: 0,5 – 0,55 mm
Total height [mm]: 18 mm
The minimum slope of the roof slope: 12°
Weight 1 m [kg]: 5 kg/m2
Warranty: 2 years. To obtain an extended warranty, download and complete the warranty file

Sheathing of the walls of bottles, roofs with a large fall

Deadlines for implementation: from 1 to 7 working days

* The warranty over 2 years applies to the warranty conditions and the proper maintenance of the roofing material

Possible colours

Colours in HPS 200 coatings - thickness 0,65mm

Coating colours Coating Matt - thickness 0,5mm

Colours in coatings Gloss - thickness 0,5mm

Colors in coatings Alu-zinc, O-zinc, Wood-like

Custom colours

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