Trapezoidal sheet

The trapezoidal sheet is a trapezoid shaped corrugated iron of various dimensions.

One of its main advantages is resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Trapezoidal sheet is a very economical and durable material for covering roofs and façades for various types of buildings. Our company has a wide range of profiles from 7 mm to 35 mm high and many types of sheet metal: galvanized, coated, alu-zinc. The novelty is the trapezoidal sheet made in the HPS 200 coating, which is characterized by very high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions. Thanks to this choice, trapezoidal sheet metal has a very wide application on roofs and facades, gates and fences as well as load-bearing structures in individual and industrial construction.

This material can be mounted on completely flat roofs or with a small angle of inclination. However, the shape of the roof should be as simple as possible.

Trapezoidal sheet advantages

Trapezoidal sheets are economic, light, durable, resistant to mechanical failiure and non-corrosive. They are a very popular solution in the case of detached houses, production halls, warehouses and business venues. Trapezoidal sheets are best suited to cover large, flat roofs.

Trapezoidal sheets are exceptionally light and as such can be used on roofs which aren’t able to withstand the burden of ceramic tiles. In spite of their low weight, trapezoidal sheets are very durable. The degradative effect of wind and atmospheric effects prove unable to damage them. Trapezoidal sheets are also resistant to water and moisture due to which they never rust. Proper installation of trapezoidal sheets ensures their functioning for many years.

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Trapezoidal sheet installation

The installation of trapezoidal roof tiles may seem easy enough to do alone, yet we recommend seeking the aid of specialists in order to be sure that your roof will serve you for years to come.

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