The gutter is a very important element of every house, which serves to drain water from the roof. The choice of a specific gutter system should depend primarily on the size of the roof or its shape. Plastic gutters and metal gutters are available on the market. Which ones to choose?

The ideal gutter system, what should characterize it?

It is not a secret that gutters should fulfill their basic function, that is drainage of water. But, to do it effectively, they must be above all durable. In the rain they will have to carry quite a heavy weight of water. Let’s also not forget about the winter time when snow falls in the gutters. In addition, because gutters are constantly exposed to all weather conditions, they must

Plastic gutters

Plastic gutters, also known as „PVC gutters”, are a much cheaper alternative to metal gutters. Also their assembly can absorb less costs because, due to their low weight, they are much easier to assemble. We cannot forget about the resistance to corrosion – the plastic fortunately does not corrode, which is a big plus. Their advantage is also smoothness, which affects faster and more efficient water drainage. This feature makes plastic gutters clean themselves and less to get dirty and dusty. A large selection of colours allows us to match them to the colour of the roof or façade.

However, we cannot forget about the disadvantages of such a solution. Due to the material from which they were made,  plastic gutters are less resistant to damage. Over the years, they can also fade. Fortunately, even replacing them will not be as expensive as in the case of metal gutters. In addition, today’s plastic gutters are made of much better materials, thanks to which they do not break and do not deform as they used to.

Metal gutters

In fact, metal gutters are an increasingly rare choice, primarily due to their higher price. However, it must be admitted that they are much more durable and resistant to mechanical damage than plastic gutters. They are also great at temperature changes. The advantage of metal gutters is also high durability and long life. They are also more resistant to atmospheric factors such as UV radiation or extreme temperatures. Although currently gutters are made of galvanized steel, they are still less resistant to corrosion than plastic gutters. Their disadvantage is also a large weight that makes assembly difficult.

Plastic or metal gutter – what to choose?

We have already learned the advantages and disadvantages of both systems, but which one will work in our home? If we want savings, and we want to perfectly match the gutter to the colour of the roof or façade, it is worth choosing plastic gutters. They will also be a great choice if our house is in a wooded area, near trees, from which leaves and other pollutants often fall. Plastic gutters will clean themselves up. However, if our house is in a sunny place where there is no shade, metal gutters that are more resistant to the sun and do not fade even after a few years will be better. Due to the fact that metal gutters can cope better with heavy snow, we can use them in a house in the mountains, where the snow falls much more often. Although metal gutters are more expensive, it is worth thinking about them when we care about the particular durability and vitality.

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