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Metal Roofing sheet Dona

Why is it worth choosing?

Expressive ribbing 23 mm every 350 mm, making the roof look like a roof tile. There is no narrowing of the vertical wall at the place of embossing, the sheet is 0.5 mm, therefore the paint layer is not weakened and the strength is still high.

Our roofing tile has a double groove retaining water, located in the place of folding, all in order to exclude the smallest droplets of water (marked in yellow).

A nicely finished tip that facilitates assembly. The width of 25 mm.

High quality steel sheet from Arcelor Mitta.

Technical parameters of Dona

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Material: Steel + galvanized zinc both sides (Z225) + protective coatings +
decorative varnish.
The number of colours: RAL 3005, 3011, 8017,7024,8019, 9005, 9006 Available in 10 different shades in gloss and RAL palette (below is a palette of RAL shades).
Overall width [mm]: 1200 mm
Cover width [mm]: 1120 mm
Maximum sheet length [mm]: 7800 mm
The length of the wave
module [mm]:
350 mm
Sheet thickness [mm]: 0,5 – 0,55 mm
Overall height [mm]: 23 mm
Emboss height [mm]: 20 mm
The minimum slope of the roof slope: 14°
Weight 1 m [kg]: 5 kg/m2

2 years. To obtain an extended warranty, you must download and fill in the warranty file for the appropriate coating.

Usage: To cover roofs: houses, barns, offices, gazebos, etc.
Deadlines for implementation: from 1 to 7 working days

* The warranty over 2 years applies to the warranty conditions and the proper maintenance of the roofing material.

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HPS 200 RAL 8014 coating

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MATTE RAL 3009 coating

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MATTE RAL 7024 coating

Possible colours

Colours in HPS 200 coatings - thickness 0,65mm

Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides 0,48mm plus 200µm coating.


Coating colours Coating Matt - thickness 0,5mm

Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides 0,48mm plus 35µm coating.

Colours in coatings Gloss - thickness 0,5mm

Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides 0,48mm plus 25µm coating.

Colors in coatings Alu-zinc, O-zinc, Wood-like

Custom colors

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