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Metal roofing sheet – information

Metal roofing sheet is a steel roofing. The production of metal roofing sheets is made of 0.5 mm thick sheet metal. Due to the high-pressure wave, the roofing sheet obtains optimal stiffness. The tile sheet is mounted on a surface with an inclination of more than 12 °.

The sheet, which is used for the production of roofing sheet, is galvanized, then coated with organic coatings.

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The installation of sheet metal roofs can take place in two ways. The first method is fixing on

wooden battens, the second is mounting directly on the surface. Due to the advanced technology used for the production of Metal Roofing sheet, it is resistant to corrosion, UV rays as well as scratches or other damage.

Roofing, which is made of sheet metal, are a great alternative to expensive ceramic and concrete
roof tiles.

Metal Roofing sheets offered by our company will meet
your expectations in terms of aesthetic appearance and
durability of the roof.

Metal Roofing sheet is an ideal solution for roofing new and renovated buildings.

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