Metal Roofing sheet is a product with an extremely wide application. It has been decorating the roofs of residential buildings for a very long time. Metal Roofing sheet has many advantages, such as the choice of a wide range of designs and colours. An unquestionable advantage of roofing made of Metal Roofing sheet is their weight. The square meter of roofing tiles weighs about 4.5 kg, while a square meter of ceramic roof tile can weigh up to 80 kg, which affects the overall cost of theroof. In the case of Metal Roofing sheet, there is no need to use such a strong roof truss as in the case of roof tiles, thanks to which we feel measurable financial benefits.

However, it is not possible to apply metal roofing sheet cover to every roof. For technical reasons, roofs with a slope of less than 15o cannot use metal roofing sheet, because the roof slope is too small, so thatmthe water from the roofing can flow freely and do not accumulate in the embossing, which is an unacceptable and very dangerous phenomenon. In conclusion, the greater the crease (offset) of the metal roofing sheet, the decrease must be greater.

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