Metal gutter

Metal gutter systems Kaskada

The steel gutter system Kaskada was created with a view to the comfort of home use.

The highest quality of raw materials used, automated machine park, innovative construction solutions of individual gutter elements have made us one of the most functional gutter systems on the market called Kaskada. Specially developed and manufactured elements form a coherent whole and allow for the versatility of applications. The system is distinguished by durability, ease of assembly and aesthetics. It is consistent in colour and perfectly fulfils its main purpose – it perfectly drains water from the roof slope.

What distinguishes the Cascade system?

  • easy assembly thanks to universal complementary elements,
  •  the highest quality of execution based on automated lines production,
  • using innovations in the form of specially designed construction solutions,
  • specially developed packaging solutions for system components,
  • complexity resulting from the possibility of matching the whole Kaskada gutter system to the steel and ceramic roofing materials offered on the market.


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