Modular Rake/Gable trim

Modular Rake/Gable trim

A flashing element replacing the roof’s side surface finish. It offers the same visual effect as ceramic tiles.

Technical parameters

  • Rake/Gable trim lenght [mm]: 385.
  • Rake/Gable trim working length [mm]: 350.
  • Rake/Gable trim width [mm]: 174.
  • Sheet thickness [mm]: 0,5 – 0,6.
  • Units per running metre: 3 pcs.

Example projects

wiatrownica modulowa blachodachówka RAL 9005 hps
Modular Rake/Gable trim 3

Standard RAL colours GLOSS coating

Standard RAL colours MATTE coating

HPS coating

Per individual order, non-standard colours are available.

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